субота, 31 грудня 2016 р.

Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard
Rick Riordan

This book is really interesting, but it gives off a huge "Percy Jackson" vibe. Rick is a great author, and I love that he keeps writing books even when he's rich and famous, but Magnus and Percy seem just a little too alike. They're both clumsy, funny, know nothing of their powers, and their lives have been nothing short of tragic thus far (although, I admit, Magnus's is far worse).
It taught me new things about Norse mythology, which I wasn't too knowledgeable in to begin with. Riordan has a way of writing, that teaches you so much, but you don't even realize it. The knowledge, however, sticks. Recently it helped me get second place at a school Bee.
Magnus has two good friends, an elf and a dwarf, who have been looking over him since his mom died. They pretended to be homeless, as magnus was, which is a new thing in literature.
The characters seem so alive, their adventures so real, that I can't help but praise this book, although it did go a little slow for me.
Four stars, generous awe, and... well, the wish that someday, I'll get to meet Samira Al Abbas.

Happy New Year, my friends! May it be bright and happy, full of joy and great new books.
(That is, if anyone is reading this...)