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Paper Towns

Paper Towns
John Green
I read this book a while back, but I saw one of my friends reading it today, and I decided to write about it because this book is one of those books...a book that makes you laugh, makes you cry, breaks your heart, and then stitches it back together in rough, uneven stitches.
It's a book like the ones I dream of writing. A book that you fall in love with, a book that you hate with all your heart.
This book provokes some deep thoughts, gives great tattoo inspiration, and makes you ponder the meaning of life. It is one of John Green's best (who am I kidding? All of his books are his best...), and I absolutely love it.
It's the tale of two childhood best friends, that, years later, fall in love. Seems cliche, doesn't it? Well, it's not. They go on an adventure, break into Sea World, and then she disappears. He fears for her life, so he tries to find her.
It's the story of a treasure hunt that seems to be a wild goose chase. The beginning hooked me, the middle made me laugh, and the ending broke my heart.
Dreams come true. Just not in the way you want them to.
Books and movies are great, but to be good, they have to break your heart open at least once. Nobody has to die, although that's what authors and scriptwriter usually do. That's a great way, but it's the easier way. The hard way is to manipulate love, manipulate personality and destiny, to make you hate a character you thought you knew so well, or to curse the decisions of someone you thought wise.
John Green is a master of his craft, and this is a book that I will be returning to.

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