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The children of Eden

The Children of Eden
Joey Graceffa
I had some doubts about this book at first, considering that famous people get easy publishing deals. At first, I cringed at the way the author described everything, their world, in particular, instead of showing us. It's a mistake many amateur writers make, and after reading Steven King's book "On writing," my eyes are open to all of those mistakes. (Great book by the way!)
I will admit, however, that the plot twists, characters and the interesting idea for Eden, led me to read this book very quickly. Writing about was a little longer because I had to find a balance of good and bad in this book.
The main characters curiousness and questions make it all the more interesting. she doesn't know how to act, she's unsure and shy, she ponders her sexuality, all while figuring out the truth about herself and her world, dealing with the grief of her mother's death, rescuing her brother, keeping her hate for her father at bay, and walking the thin line between friendship and love.
I love the idea for this book... the world, the bad guy, the secret societies... but I must say that the idea is better than the actual realization. Joey Graceffa is a great youtuber, but he needs to work on his skills as an author.

On a side note, this book was great. Thank you to the person, who got it for me. It was a quick read and kept me on the edge of my seat (well, not really, since I was sitting in bed all day).

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